Mountain Bike Buddies


Shuttle Rates

Daily Fees
(Daybreak to 4 p.m.)

$60/person/day (Two person minumum)

$50/person/day if 3 or more people sign up together as a group.

$50/person/day when booking a trip for 3 or more days.

*Please add $300/group (not per person) if going to Moab and $75/group if going to Brian Head, Panguitch or the Grand Canyon areas. 

Group Rates

$200/day/group.  Up to 11 people. 

*Please add $300/group if going to Moab, and $75/group if going to Brian Head, Panguitch or the Grand Canyon.

Ala Carte Rates (Rates to ride a single trail in the SG area...less than a day)

Gooseberry Mesa $40/person*
Little Creek Mesa $40/person*
JEM Trail $30/person*
Hurricane Rim $30/person*
Guacamole $40/person*
Church Rocks $30/person*
Rhythm & Blues & Boy Scout Trails $20/person*
Barrel Roll $20/person*
Bear Claw Poppy $20/person*  ($10 for a second run)
Zen $30/person*

*Please note - There is a two person minimum on Ala Carte rides.

Family & Youth Group Deal!

The cost of renting bikes and booking a shuttle service can make mountain biking prohibitive for a family or youth group.  We want to help...check out this great deal for an outing!  For $200/group or $30/person (whichever works out best for you) ...the cost of a shuttle alone, we will loan you bikes, helmets, water, everything you need for a ride down either the JEM trail or the paved bike trail at Snow Canyon.  Usually, this takes an hour to two hours
 I have ten  "older" (but good),  Kona bikes.  It will be the highlight of your vacation!


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