Barrel Roll


 Located in Santa Clara just a few minutes from St George.  Barrel Roll is an intermediate trail created by the BLM.  It is about 6 miles long and takes about 2 hours to ride.  Note - Pictured is Johanna Weintrager one of the top female riders in the world.  She is a guide for Sacred Rides Tours and sponsored by Trek.




 A shuttle trail (we drop you off at the top and pick you up at the bottom), right in St George.  It is enjoyed by both intermediate and expert riders depending on the lines that you take.  Usually it takes about 40 minutes to ride.


Church Rocks

 Intermediate, cross country trail about 5 miles from St George.  Mixture of single track and slick rock with few short sandy spots.  This is our "all weather" trail. It usually takes about 2 hours to ride.


JEM, Dead Ringer, More Cow Bells, Goosebumps, Crypto

JEM is called the "best flowing trail in Utah" by Mountain Bike magazine.  These are fun intermediate trail that the whole family will enjoy.  We ride them as a downhill (shuttle) trails.   To just ride JEM  takes 45 minutes to an hour and a half.


Guacamole Trail


Guacamole is the mesa just north of Gooseberry.  This trail is rapidly becoming a local favorite.  It is a "cherry" trail, with a long single track stem and a slick rock loop at the end.  Intermediate to advanced (a little easier than Gooseberry), it takes about three to five hours to ride.  Note - Pictured is my good friend Morgan Harris (big guy in white, second from right).  We are indebited to Morgan and his brother Mike for building the Gooseberry and Little Creek trail systems.


Gooseberry Mesa


This is the world class slick rock trail that everyone comes to Utah to ride.  Gooseberry Mesa is unique in that there is a dirt road (The White Trail) that runs the length of the mesa.  Off of this road are loops that require varying levels of ability.  The trail is marked by white dots.  It takes about 3-5 hours to ride.


Kentucky Lucky Chicken Trail

New trail just south of downtown St George.  I would consider it an expert trail, but if you don't mind walking some of the technical, rocky spots it can be ridden by intermediate riders.  Since it is a loop there is quite a bit of climbing.  It is about 5 miles long and takes about an hour and a half to two hours to ride.


Little Creek Mountain


My favorite trail!  A great combination of slick rock and single track.  High intermediate to expert.  This trail is a off the beaten track and a little hard to find, but it is worth the effort.  To ride the "big loop" it normally takes 3 to 4 hours, plus you can add on the north loop for another 2 hours.  Note - This is me pictured.



Snow Canyon Paved Bike Trail


Although this isn't really "hard core" mountain biking, it's great fun for a family with little kids and no mountain biking experience.  Twelve mile all down can't beat that!  Beautiful scenery as you ride along the rim of Snow Canyon just north of St George.  It usually takes about 2 hours. 



Brian Head & Thunder Mountain


Bunker Creek, Dark Hollow, Blow Hard, Virgin River Rim Trail all are in the Dixie National Forest - Bunker Creek and Dark Hollow Trails start at the top of Brian Head peak (11,000 feet) and drop of into the valleys below.  Bunker Creek goes off the east side of the mountain, Dark Hollow off the west side, and Blow Hard off the south side.  All take about 2 hours.  Bunker Creek is an intermediate trail...Dark Hollow and Blow Hard are advanced.

The Virgin River Rim Trail is a cross country trail that is divided into three sections of about 8 miles each.  It overlooks Zion National Park about 40 miles to the south.  Each section takes about 3 hours to ride, and there is quite a bit of climbing. 

Thunder Mountain - Thunder Mountain is located on the edge of Bryce Canyon National Park (150 miles from SG).  Riding down through the "hoo doos" is an experience you will never forget.  The trail is 8 miles long and takes about 2 hours to ride.  It is a shuttle trail, but it always surprises people that there are a few climbs at the first of the trail.  The 3 mile flowing single track at the end of this trail is amazing.